Hello Demoscene

Demoscene group from Cologne with close connection to the Aachen scene.

We are a loosely tight network around this people

Evoke 2014 - DJ-Set by Nodepond

Evoke 2014 - Digitac Spirit by JackPearse

Evoke 2014 - Euclidean Sunrise ("I'm still a little sleepy"-mix) by Jam-S

Evoke 2014 - Dissolve and dismantle by Cie

Evoke 2014 - Atomic Bassdrum by Cie

Tum 2013 - "a1" by Nodepond

Evoke 2013 - "We are hello!" by Hello Demoscene Group

Evoke 2011 - "Do not forget to save!" by (Slightly) Educated Bastards

Evoke 2010 - "This is our first demo" by I am why